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Who We Are

We approach every commercial/corporate production with the enthusiasm and skill that we would apply to any of our own personal projects. And there are no templates or cookie-cutter options here—only bespoke video productions crafted to meet the needs of each and every job. This is Mtn Craft.

Our Story:


Mountain Craft Productions started in 2013 when our founder, Ben Berry, looked at the quality of the media landscape around him and decided that it could be done better. In Fairmont, where the company started, it seemed that local commercials and creative video projects looked embarrassingly cheap and were lacking in originality and concept. Was this a Fairmont problem? A West Virginia problem? Something larger? What if someone finally gave WV video production the attention and care that it deserved? Eight years later, Mtn Craft has grown substantially. We’ve worked with creative agencies, universities, hospitals, non-profits, municipalities, and artists. We’ve produced content that has educated, enlightened, challenged, and entertained. Our commercial and creative work has won multitudes of awards at film festivals, PR awards shows, and advertising awards shows. We’ve been invited to speak at conferences, teach aspiring film students, mentor small businesses, and help shape the media landscape around us.

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