Cass is a project manager, wife and homeschooling mom of two. She worked in the service industry for 5+ years before getting married and starting a family with her husband, Ben. For the last 12 years she has been a stay at home mom to their two children, Kyler and Braelyn. Since 2013 when Mtn Craft began, she had a desire to be an active part of the team. Over the years she has worked intermittently as a PA, Producer, Set decorator, and was certified as an AD through a F.I.T.S. training seminar in 2017. Today, Cass brings her organizational ability and detailed eye to the Mtn Craft team as a full time employee.

Education & Certifications
F.I.T.S. Assistant Directing

Favorite Films
Legends of the Fall, Wedding Crashers, Pride and Prejudice, Chicago, and any Christmas movie

Plants, Essential oils, Cleaning, Food, Traveling, and spending time with her husband and kids