Announcing The Five Day Film Challenge!



Mountain Craft Productions Announces ‘The Five Day Film Challenge’
West Virginia Production Company Invites Participants to New FestivALL Event

Charleston, WV: Today, Mountain Craft Productions, a boutique film production company based in Fairmont, officially launched an information campaign behind their newest endeavor— a filmmaking challenge, open to the public, as part of FestivALL’s summer lineup. Participants of the challenge will be tasked with creating a film from start to completion in just five days. Then, on the evening of June 16th the films will be screened at The Bakery on Bigley Avenue in Charleston, after which the best films will be awarded prize money. The three awards categories are “Best Film,” “Best Cinematography,” and “Best Acting,” and will come with awards of $500, $250, and $250, respectively.  

If making a film in five days doesn’t sound like enough of a challenge, there’s another twist: each participant of the Five Day Film Challenge will be assigned three random “prompts” that they must include in their films. Prompts can vary from props, to lines of dialogue, to thematic elements. The mandatory inclusion of these randomly-assigned prompts adds an element of randomness to the competition and also provides a safeguard against teams who might have considered submitting films that were made prior to the competition, which is against the rules. 

While the Five Day Film Challenge is designed to be a catalyst for friendly competition and light-hearted fun, there’s more of a message behind it than might meet the eye. Regarding the outreach component to the competition, Justin Litton, co-owner of Mountain Craft Productions and a Charleston native, said “This event will be an opportunity for us to remind Charleston that filmmaking is not just an art but also a profession of some West Virginians who can sometimes go unnoticed. Furthermore, filmmaking communities in West Virginia tend to be segmented geographically. Our hope is that the event will bring together filmmakers and film appreciators from across the state so that we can increase awareness of West Virginian filmmakers and their work.”

The screening on June 16th will be held at The Bakery (1007 Bigley Ave.) and will be free and open to the public. All are welcome to attend. The film challenge competition period will be from noon June 7th to noon June 12th. If you wish to participate in the film challenge, WV filmmakers of all skill levels are welcome. The full competition rules and registration form can be found online at or you can send questions to