"A controlling mother plans to formally introduce her coming-of-age daughter to high society, but the daughter has different plans. The servant boy has his own plans, too, but it’s hard to get things done when you are in shackles."

"Debutante" is officially the first Mountain Craft Original film that was both written and directed by us. The film was created specifically for the Cut to the Chase Film Festival in Shepherdstown, WV, however we have plans to submit it to a number of other festivals in the near future. We had a lot of fun producing this film, but we also put in weeks of non-stop work to see it through. Additionally, this film wouldn't exist if it weren't for the amazing talent and hard work of our cast and crew:


Servant Boy
The Driver

Writer, Editor, Cinematographer
1st AC
2nd AC
Sound Recordist
Production Assistant
Stills Photographer
Wardrobe Consultant
Casting Director
Original Score
Locations Manager

Cody Holstein
Zoe Scarborough
Jennifer Scott
Greg Harpold

Ben Berry
Justin Litton
Mikey D'Amico
Corey Foster
Sheridan Cleland
Josh Stapler
Josh Russell
Ginger Basham
Cass Berry
Tyler Maxwell
Quinn Miller
Kelly Strom
Zach Perkins
Jennifer Pharr