Any person who wishes to participate in the contest and pays the entry fee is welcome to participate! However, we kindly ask that you read the rules carefully. Following the rules ensures fairness to all teams involved. So here we go...

  1. Who may enter. This contest is for residents of West Virginia only. Any individual filmmaker or team may enter. We are also open to filmmakers (and wannabe filmmakers) of any age. If you are entering as a team, you must designate a team captain. Your team captain will be responsible for maintaining communication with us before and during the film challenge. The team captain will also be responsible for making sure that films are submitted to us by the deadline.
  2. Entry fee. All individuals and teams need to pay our $30 entry fee to register. Until we receive your fee, you will not officially be listed on our registration log. Any questions you have about the fee may be directed to justin@mtncraft.com
  3. Contest dates. The film challenge period will run from Thursday, June 7th at noon to Tuesday, June 12th at noon, with the official film screening and awards being held at 6:00pm on Saturday, June 16th.
  4. Film rules. 
    1. Assigning prompts. Noon on Thursday, June 7th will be the official start of the Five Day Filmmaking Challenge. At this time, three "prompts" will be randomly drawn and assigned to your film. A prompt is defined as a word, phrase, or object that must be included in your film. Prompts will be written on folded pieces of paper and drawn from a jar at random. Drawing of prompts will happen on a Facebook livestream at noon on Thursday. A Facebook post and email will also go out announcing all of the prompts shorty after the drawing. 
    2. Prompt usage. Each prompt must be used in your film. This is how we keep the challenge fair and make sure that you aren't submitting a film that was previously made! You may, however, be creative with your use of the prompts. As a general rule, you'll be assigned one prompt from each prompt type: line of dialogue, prop, and wildcard. The line of dialogue prompt must be spoken by one of your characters. For the prop prompt, you'll be assigned a random object that must be included in your film. How you use it (or how much) is entirely up to you. But if we watch your film and can't find it, then be prepared to justify/explain your interpretation! Lastly, the wildcard prompt will be harder to define. It may be thematic, conceptual, or abstract in nature. How you interpret it will be up to you, but be prepared to explain your usage if it's not obvious!
      Example: If you were to draw "shadows" as your wildcard prompt, you might make the concept of shadows or darkness a theme of your film. You might also choose to film the shadows of your characters in one of your scenes. Additionally, the subject of shadows may be spoken about in your dialogue.
    3. Duration. Films must not exceed six minutes, including the credits and title cards. Make an effort to keep your film concise and entertaining.
    4. Logos. All films entered into the Five Day Film Challenge must begin with the Five Day Film Challenge logo and the logos of our sponsors. These will be provided to you in advance of the challenge period so that you have them ready to go. 
    5. Film specifications. We will accept films shot with any type of camera, but for maximum compatibility with our projection we recommend shooting 24 frames per second and in an HD format. If you are unable to do this, however, it will not disqualify you or count against you. 
    6. Submitting your film. Films will be due no later than noon on Tuesday, June 12th. Please plan to submit your film early in case you encounter any technical issues! Films that are not received by us before the deadline will be ineligible to win and no refund of the entry fee will be possible. Films must be submitted digitally and online through Vimeo, WeTransfer, or the file-sharing service of your choice. We can accept files in any format, however we do ask that files be submitted in high definition resolution or greater. Please contact us if you need advice on what formats, resolution, or frame rates to shoot!
    7. File format. As long as we can play it, you are welcome to submit your film in any file format you choose, however we strongly prefer the h.264 codec in a .mov container. Submitted films should be HD if at all possible.
    8. Upload. We must receive a link to your film before our deadline for it to count, so please plan to upload your film early! Please upload your film to Vimeo and enable a download link so that we can download the file, or (preferably) use wetransfer.com to upload a file of up to 2GB for free, and then email us the link.
  5. The screening. All films received will be screened at a public event on the evening of June 16th at 1007 Bigley Avenue, otherwise known as The Bakery. All teams and filmmakers are encouraged to attend. Bring your friends. The screening will be free. 
  6. Judging. A panel of judges from within the local filmmaking community will score the films based on technical excellence, originality, and the use of prompts. Once the screening has concluded, the judges will tally their final scores and winning films will be announced.
  7. Prizes. The judges will tally their scores for each film and announce winners in each of the following categories: "Best Film" ($500), "Best Cinematography" ($150), "Best Editing" ($150), "Best Acting" ($150).