Creative: Mtn Craft
Agency: Infinity Marketing Solutions
Format: Social Media Video Campaign

Blenko Glass Company, one of the few remaining glass factories in the world where glass is still hand-blown using handmade tools, is a cherished West Virginian institution. In spite of their beautiful craftsmanship and long (over 125 year) legacy, Blenko has been struggling to make a profit for the majority of the last two decades. When we got in touch with them, Blenko had hired a marketing team and agency to help create efficiencies at the factory and to reinvigorate their collector fanbase and reach a new audience. Part of these new efforts would be a three-part video campaign created by Mtn Craft.

Although numerous videos and short films had been made about Blenko over the years, none of them exhibited very high quality or production values. We held Blenko in high regard and thought that they deserved a video campaign that was a more accurate reflection of their work and artistry, so our creative direction for this campaign would be to create three refined and cinematic :60 spots featuring different aspects of Blenko (“Color,” “Craftsmanship,” and “Design”) using only music and images. No voiceover, no text.

During the holiday season of 2019 we learned that Blenko had to temporarily stop running the videos online because they were experiencing an unexpected surge in sales and were worried that their inventory would not meet the customer demand. Although not the sole cause of the surge, our videos played an important role in driving engagement and sales. Blenko’s investment in our production was the largest amount of money the company had ever spent on video content, however Blenko made their money back and were discovered by a large new audience—a direct result of them trusting that their initial investment would be worth it. Today, our campaign videos have the highest view counts of all videos on the Blenko YouTube channel and have had over 10 million views on Facebook.