Social Media Partners

"The Place I Belong" is a personal project that is being made not for commercial reasons, but because the series as a whole communicates a message that be we believe in: Follow your dreams. Take chances. Be inspired and inspire others along the way. 

Social Sharing

The only thing we desire with this series is that it gets shared far and wide, but particularly to young West Virginians with entrepreneurial spirits who can use a little motivation to carry on our traditions of skilled trades and arts. If you represent a website, blog, Facebook group, or any other platform with followers who might like to watch our films, then please contact us. Along with the films we will be pushing out lots of interesting behind the scenes content that you will be able to push out with us as well. Your pledge to share our films with your networks will help us make an impact. As a thank you, we'll have a page on our "The Place I Belong" website (coming soon) dedicated to thanking you and our other sponsors and linking to your network. 

Other Media

We are open to any and all promotional opportunities that may present themselves. If you run a blog or podcast, for example, and you would like to feature our project or interview us, then please feel free to reach out. Additionally, we do not discount traditional media such as print and television news. We are happy to promote the series however we can!

Public Events

We are interested in speaking in public gatherings, or on forums and panels. We are very passionate about sharing this story and promoting a positive storyline from our great state. 


If you are interested in being listed as one of our partners, or have a lead for an interview or public speaking event, then please feel free to contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!