Sponsors and Donors

“The Place I Belong” exists in response to a growing need for both arts education and positive, uplifting media about West Virginia. Our state is beautiful, our people are hardworking and skillful, and our artists and artisans are inspiring, entertaining, and worthy of this series! We’ve seen an overwhelming and unanimous response from anyone we’ve shared the series overview with and we know that the audience for the series is large, however none of this can happen without generous donations from our sponsors and our viewers.


A Word About Tax-Free Charitable Donations

We are pleased and delighted to have been approved for fiscal sponsorship by a non-profit company in California called From The Heart Productions Inc. From The Heart are a 25 year old non-profit 501(c)(3) company as well as a public charity 509(a)(2) that exist solely to help further independent filmmaking by filmmakers with projects that have uplifting messages. Because of our partnership with From The Heart, any donations and sponsorship money that we receive for our project is considered a tax-free charitable donation under the US Tax Code. Additionally, any donors of over $500 will receive a personal letter of thanks from From The Heart.


Individual Donors

If you are an individual and you are wanting to contribute to our series, we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign in March for exactly this purpose. You'll be able to donate money to the project and even claim unique rewards for different donation levels, if you choose! All donations will be considered a tax-free charitable contribution under the US Tax Code.


We are happy to offer options for corporate or private interests who would like to purchase sponsorships in exchange for logo placement on our social media, website, and films. Please contact us and let us know that you are interested in supporting this project, and we'll begin a dialogue with you about how that can happen! In addition, you may request a project package which lays out our history, mission statement, plan, and multiple letters of support for our project. All sponsorship levels are considered a tax-free charitable donation under the US Tax Code.